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Orphin Nutritive Shampoo formulated with soya protein, rich in biotin which helps improve the hair health. Also known as vitamin H, biotin and Placenta  provides energy and stimulates the growth of cells, which  increases hair strength and contributes to its improvement.Panthenol acts in the hair as long lasting moisturizing, strengthening, improving brightness and preventing spoilage. The action of collagen is to provide a healthy look, shiny and strong to the hair. cucumis sativus fruit extract help to moisturising and refresh hair.So sclerocarya birrea seed oil cused to silky,shine and  brightness . There are ZINC PCA in nutritive shampoo that Anti Oxidan and Antibacterial agent.

Mode of use:

wet hair, apply and massage approximately during 3 minutes, rinse with water.Repeat if it is necessary.




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