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Our companies in the Orphin Group sector have entered partnerships and expanded their businesses in recent years, reaffirming predictionsthat the cosmeceutical and personal hair care industries will continue to grow in 2013. New product launches and branding strategies have also expanded the cosmeceutical market in recent year. also announced a new partnership to expand its current distribution territory. The company’s new partnership with different company in Europe and Asia .The Orphin Group (OG) recognizes the importance of building strong working partnerships that can advance the quality of health care globally, respect the environment  and support local communities.Whether you are a research scientist working on an innovative concept, a treatment  hair care products company in search of a development partner for your product,a business professional interested inexploring creative commercialization solutions for your company’s product, or a supplier with materials, goods or services that can potentially benefit our companies, we can shape the future of healthcare. At our corporate headquarters and at our Family of Companies, we work closely with scientists, technology experts and other professionals from academic and business communities to develop and market new products. A recent certification obtained by Ministry of healt (MOH) aslo valid free sals  and health certificate by MOH in spain .also benefits the natural cosmetics industry by increasing credibility of product offerings. The company achieved good manufacturing practice (GMP) certification for cosmetic ingredients in accordance with the requirements of the European Federation for Cosmetic Ingredients (EFfCI). cosing largest site for the production of personal care ingredients in Europe has also successfully passed the audit. The certification confirms that strict guidelines for product quality and industrial hygiene requirements are followed during the manufacturing process.


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