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R&D Department

R&D Department

Therefore, as a small office  it manages to provide solutions to any type of problem, Its daily challenge is to ensure that its products maintain the same quality as large brands
Orphin Farma

Orphin Farma

The Orphin Farma brand was born by  one of the most important companies within the hair cosmetics for professional hair in Spain in 2013


Our products in the field of hair treatment are highly specialized and well-trained experienced by Dr dermatologyist based on the world`s papers and journals


Cleanses natural curly and permed hair particularly gentle and nourishes it tangibly. The exclusive active agent complex...

Orphin Farma

Orphin Leave-in Mask is the mask without rinse sulfates and sodes free, contains Keratin to repair
hair structure and Argan Oil that gives shine and repair . Thanks to its content of Corn Protein provides
hydration and anti-frizz effect. Treatment includes Panthenol that provides softness helping to the
easier combing. Also Beta Vulgaris Beet help tp prevent of dry and roughness in hair
Orphin Dandruff Shampoo with a formula based on zinc piritionate, an anti-fungicidal,
Antibacterial agent. Among its ingredients contains collagen and sclerocarya birrea seed oil that
provides deep moisture to regenerate the cuticle and provide fibrous proteins to the hair cortex, feeding
and nurturing in depth. Grape seed oil can enhance your hair , refresh and strengthen and improve
hair growth Also there are cucumis sativus fruit extract , The result is a loose, silky, moisturizing and
shine hair.
Orphin Hair Loss Treatment combats hair loss and control dandruff with this vitamin and plant
extract concentrate with bovine Placenta that creates the necessary conditions for favoring hair growth
 and restoring hair’s original strength, shine and flexibility. aloebarbadensis leaf juice and hydrolyzed
soyaprotein being a complete protein, providing an internal support to help the hair to grow stronger
and healthier.So hydrogenated caster oil, rosmarinus officinalis leaf extract and acety  cysteine
help to grow of follicles and restoring in hair

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